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What should I Do when

i get a ticket?

When you receive a traffic ticket, you have  three options:
- You can pay the ticket
- You can pay the ticket and attend traffic school
- You can fight the ticket. 

What should I choose?

You should not pay the ticket

It may seem like the simplest alternative but you should be aware of the consequences as well as your options, first.  If you choose to pay the ticket, you will be admitting guilt, which will cause an automatic conviction and points to on your driving record.  Even one ticket could lead to insurance increases, loss of "Safe Driver" status, or even suspension of your license.  You have the right to challenge the evidence against you; to see if the evidence is correct and sufficient.  If you simply pay the ticket, you will be admitting guilt before giving yourself a chance. 

You Should not elect traffic school

Again, it may seem a simple alternative but you should be aware of the consequences as well as your options, first.  If you elect to attend traffic school, you will avoid points.  However, school election goes on your record and driver's license report, which insurance companies use to set your premiums.  Also, you only have a limited amount of traffic school elections, so you may want to save them for when there is no better alternative.  

Fight the ticket

Fighting the ticket means taking it to court and challenging the evidence against you.  We will plead not guilty on your behalf and file the appropriate paperwork with the court.  Then we will attend court hearing(s) where we would assert an appropriate defense.  That gives you the opportunity to get the ticket dismissed.  If the ticket is dismissed it will be as if you never received it.  If the ticket is not dismissed, we strive to obtain no fine, no points, and the lowest court costs.  (See FAQ's for explanation of court costs.)

We believe that it is generally in your best interest to fight the ticket.  However, as with the first two options, possible consequences must be considered before making a decision.  
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